Welcome to ASEI SoCal Chapter

I, Suresh Ladva along with our great board members am honored to lead Southern California chapter of American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) for the next twelve months. I must confess that in my 28 years of residency in Southern California, I learnt of ASEI only in the last 3 years. A lot of my contemporaries had similar responses and those that knew, were indifferent. So, our prime objective would to be to increase outreach, which comes along with a price tag of perceived value and relevance in the lives of engineers and their families. I would like to start a dialogue on what is it we bring to table for our members?

Our outreach efforts will target three levels:

  • Engineering Students/Colleges
  • Current Working Engineers
  • Retired Engineers

The aim and the attempt here would be to form a coalition between these three levels by facilitating internship opportunities for our student members, increasing opportunities for job change for our current working members and maximizing on our retired members to guide the other two groups thus adding value and relevance of ASEI. We hope to have a monthly meeting, in which the topics will range from starting a business to protecting your product/design (IP) to marketing to maximizing profits and so on..Most importantly, we need to share in our great fortunes with less fortunate whether be in the US or India. We urge all engineers to sign up and help us soar together.

ASEI Events

31st National Convention


3801 W. Temple Avenue, Building 35

Cal Poly Pomona ,Pomona, CA 91768


Primary objective of ASEI SoCal is to provide networking opportunities for professionals, students, and businesses.


ASEI awards scholarships to outstanding student members that have achieved academic excellence in their field of interest.



ASEI members are very well accomplished in their field and many have the distinction of reaching the highest levels of the corporate ladder.



ASEI is passionate about community service. ASEI encourages it members to serve in local communities and it also partners with corporate