Community Services

ASEI is passionate about community service. ASEI encourages it members to serve in local communities and it also partners with corporate and social organizations besides setting up one of their own. By working together, we can create positive change in our own communities and around the world. ASEI members have been involved in the following community projects.

  1. School mentoring/Peer mentoring
  2. Citizen Corps or Emergency Preparedness Activities
  3. Police Programs
  4. Environmental Projects
  5. Habitat for Humanity
  6. Preventative Drug, Alcohol, Violence, Abuse Programs
  7. Red Cross (Blood Drives, Emergency Preparedness etc.)
  8. Humane Society
  9. Food Banks
  10. Fundraising for nonprofit organizations
  11. Science Fairs

Programs Committee

Gopal Chakravarthy Director 818-597-1075,
Krishna Nand Director 424- 263-7717,