About ASEI

ASEI is an organization of professionals of Asian Indian Diaspora living in the United States of America that shares knowledge among its members, shapes the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists and perform community service helping the disadvantaged and underprivileged in communities across the world. ASEI was established in 1983 in Michigan. It is a non-profit organization with Tax ID # 38 - 2468829.

    The objectives of ASEI are as follows:

  • Provide networking opportunities for professionals, students, and businesses
  • Provide career guidance and mentoring to members and local students
  • Recognize outstanding engineers, students and entrepreneurs
  • Provide student scholarships
  • Host annual national and local conventions
  • Participate in humanitarian projects
  • Promote Indo-American relationship
  • Promote technology transfer between India and USA

    ASEI has four Centers of Excellence as follows:

  1. Aerospace Technology in Southern California
  2. Automotive Technology in Michigan
  3. Environment Technology in Florida
  4. Biotechnology in Ohio